What in case of lost documents/telephone?
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What in case of lost documents/telephone?

Lost wallet, passport, or telephone is a situation which nobody would like to experience during their holidays. Croatia Insurance - non-life provides you with useful tips of dealing with these emergencies and continue with your worryless vacation!

Wallet and documents (ID, Passport, credit cards etc.)

Before departure:

  • Make a copy of all of your documents which you will be carrying with you
  • Do not carry all your money with you, plan your daily budget and carry a minimum amount

If lost or stolen

  • Check all the places you have visited and call all cafes you've been to 
  • Contact your bank and tell them that your credit card has been lost to protect your assets and issue a new one
  • Report the event to the Police
  • Report all of your lost documents
  • Check your bank account status to check if someone was using your credit card.


Before departure

  • Make a copy

If lost or stolen

  • Contact the police
  • Go to your embassy

Documents required for obtaining a temporary passport

  • Certificate of Citizenship of the Republic of Macedonia
  • A valid residence permit in the country of stay
  • Birth certificate
  • Identification document issued by the country of stay or R. of Macedonia (ID etc).
  • Confirmation from the Police that your passport was reported lost, stolen or missing
  • Personal statement signed by the holder of the passport serving as a proof that the passport has been lost, stolen or missing
  • Publication of the announcement about the lost, stolen or missing document in the Official Gazette of R. of Macedonia


Before departure

  • We recommend that you activate one of the following applications depending on the mobile device you are using: FindMyiPhone and LocateMyDroid

If lost or stolen

  • The phone can be accessed via iCloud or Dropbox, to erase all the data and lock the device
  • Change your passwords (it is advisable not to use one password for all networks)
  • Cancel the SIM card at your provider to prevent from receiving startlingly high telephone bills in case somebody has been using it