Tips for travelling by bus
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Tips for travelling by bus

Deciding to buy a bus ticket instead of a plane ticket is a much less costly option, but the long bus drive can sometimes be trully challenging. Croatia Insurance decided to do a mini "research" for easier and safer bus travel, and provided the following tips which will hopefully be of your help:

Select a night line:

  • Time will pass more quickly, because you will spend it sleeping
  • Bring your blanket and an inflatable pillow
  • If you have no pillow, make one out of your clothes

Do not forget the "Holy Trinity": a book, headphones, music:

Good music can keep your spirits high


  • Bring food with you, but be careful what you eat to steer away from stomach problems during the trip. Best options include muesli bars, whole-grain snacks etc...
  • Bring beverages

Wear comfortable clothes in which you feel cosy

  • Comfortable pieces of clothing are the best choice
  • Do not wear tight clothes

Stand up and stretch yourself

  • Practice this for every break

Be smart when you're selecting your seat - up front is better

  • The seats in the rear are not as comfortable as the ones in the front

Keep valuables near 

  • Wallet, phone, travel documents and insurance policy - make sure they're always in your bag and within your sight 
  • For any emergency, remember the telephone number of Croatia & Coris April Assistance: +386 1 519 2020