Motor Third party liability insurance (TPL)
Picture of Motor Third party liability insurance (TPL)

Motor Third party liability insurance (TPL)

All motor vehicle owners are familiar with the third party liability insurance (TPL) because they renew it at least once a year – when renewing the registration of their vehicle. This is a legally prescribed insurance designed to protect the injured parties in traffic accidents, but your economic interest as well. Purchase this insurance from Croatia Insurance and, should an accident occur in which you are responsible, we shall compensate the damage suffered by third parties for you.

Why purchase Motor Third Party Liability Insurance (TPL) from Croatia Insurance?

  • Our customers can renew their policy by sending the requested information to: email
  • Arrange for additional coverage by your policy
  • Legal protection - with the TPL plus policy, we cover all the legal costs.
  • Insurance of vehicle occupants

Good and conscientious drivers are rewarded with discounts on their insurance premium, while persons with physical disabilities and disabled war veterans receive an additional discount. 

For every year of non reported damage, we reward you with the following discount:

  • After one year     -    5%  
  • After two years    -  10%
  • After three years  -  15%
  • After four years    -  20%
  • After five years     -  25%

The right to discount is attributed to the vehicle owner and may not be transferred to the new owner in case the vehicle is resold. The insuree can take advantage of the discounts for only one vehicle.