Insured Event

Insured Event

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In case of injury, the insured is required to take all possible measures to minimize the harmful consequences and adhere to the instructions of the insurer.

If the accident has caused injury of the insured person, the latter is obliged to do the following:

  • Call for medical help or call a doctor to examine the injury and provide the necessary assistance and undertake all the necessary measures for treatment and adhere to the advice and guidances for the treatment.
  • The insurred is obliged to notify the nearest branch office of Croatia Insurance - Non-Life, no longer than 3 days from the accident, provided that his health condition allows for the insured to do so.
  • If the accident results in death, the beneficiary of the insurance or any member of the close family is obliged to inform the nearest branch office of Croatia Insurance no longer than 3 days from the occurence of death, or whenever it is possible to do so.

When and how to report the damage which resulted from injury in an Insured Event?

  • The loss which resulted from the insurance of a person in an Insured Event should be reported as soon as possible to the branch offices of Croatia Insurance - Non - Life, by sending a post-mail or by a fax. The claim for reporting the damage should be properly filled in and signed, with all required documents attached to it and submitted to the nearest branch office of Croatia Insurance. All the necessary information is available at our branch offices.