Insurance against accidents
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Insurance against accidents

On the road, at school, while sporting... the insurance policy against accidents can ease the consequences and financial costs.

Insurance against accidents

Croatia Insurance gives you the unique opportunity to insure yourself against accidents, completely tailored to your needs, work and leisure activities. All this with the most favorable terms and the lowest premium.

The advantages of our insurance policy:

  • most prompt payments
  • 24h, daily insurance, not limited to the place of occurence of the accident (school, home, office)
  • the simplest way to renew your policy

Arranging the insurance policy against accidents is fast and easy and the insurance can be made valid ranging from one day to a year.

The Insurance against accidents of people refers to voluntary insurance of persons against the consequences of an accident which may result while performing their daily tasks at their workplace, or outside work, as well as the insurrance for special activities or jobs. The same is also applicable for passengers in public transport.

Who can be insured?

The eligible persons are healthy persons aged between 14 and 70 years of age. Persons younger than 14 or older than 70 years old can be insured in accordance with the additional conditions or under specific conditions.

The insurance may be arranged by any physical or legal person who has the legal ability and interest to acquire this sort of insurance.

What are the types of risks that are included?

The insurance of persons against the consequences of an accident can be arranged to include the following risks:

  • death due to accident
  • permanent disability
  • daily compensation for temporary inability to work
  • costs of medical treatment
  • daily compensation for hospital stay due to treatment of the consequences of the accident

The insurance against the risk of death caused by an accident and the risk of permanent disability are compulsory, while the insurance against other risks are optional.